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Uses of wood stove

During winter using a wood stove is a great way to supplement your central heating system and helps to atmosphere to your home. wood burning stoves are popular in countryside especially in homes where gas network has been cut off and in families who have a ready supply of free wood. They are also being found in an increasing number of homes in the towns and cities. Wood Burning Stove Guys will offer comprehensive and efficient installation of your wood burning stove, call us today on 888-314-9998 and we be of great help to you.


Where to put your stove

When you are locating a wood stove in your house you need to consider the following: The position of the chimney; the wood burning stove have to be close to the chimney because using a 7 feet of stovepipe to connect the stove to the chimney is unwise because of excessive buildup of creosote and instability, the other consideration is whether the wood stove is intended to heat the whole house and if it is the case the stove should be near to the center of the house as possible because wood stoves are not central heating devices designed to circulate heat to remote corners and rooms.


Other considerations

When planning on where to locate your wood stove you should also consider how close would the wood stove be to combustible material such as walls, doors and furniture; wood stoves should be 36 inches away from anything that can burn but you can reduce the stove’s clearance from 36 to 12 inches by installing a heat shield of 28 gauge sheet metal which is mounted off the floor to offer a 1 inch of unrestricted air circulation between it and the wall. The other consideration put in place is how big the room you want to put the stove is; you get a small stove if you have small rooms or it is only small rooms where the wood stove can fit because any wood stove model that is capable of significant heat output will if run correctly overheat a small room.

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Another question you need to consider is whether you just care about the heat or you want also to enjoy the fire, some houses especially with many interior partitions and are one story are best heated by a stove in the basement. Basement installations are usually found in tightly-constructed houses and can be plagued by poor draft. Warm air that rises from the basement creates pressure differences in various levels of your house as pressure in the basement is less than the pressure outside which can create a negative pressure. Negative pressure can create a substantial difference in a heating stove’s venting and wood burning stoves located in the basement are prone to back drafting problems in which the stove puffs or emits puffs of smoke. Before a wood stove is installed in the basement, you get a chimney sweep and our stove installers will help you figure out if negative draft is going to be a problem.

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