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For quality wood burning services visit Wood Burning Stove Guys in Zwingle, IA and our team of experts will support you and offer solutions to all your needs. We render services for both residential and commercial. Call us today on 888-314-9998 and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. Wood Burning Stove Guys in Zwingle,IA is strategically located in a convenient place where you can access regardless of which place you reside or where your property is located. We specialize in all types of wood burning store services from installation to repair. Our technicians will offer you comprehensive services.


Components of wood heating system

Chimney efficiency determines the wood heating system efficiency and the system comprises the stove, the chimney and smoke pipe, the house, the wood fuel, weather and the stove operator. These components are interrelated and cannot be separated. A highly skilled operator would have great difficulty maintaining a good fire with wet wood in a bad stove with a short exterior chimney and therefore all the components must be supplementing the other for maximum efficiency. At Wood Burning Stove Guys in Zwingle, IA we will supply you with all the components necessary to make you system an ideal one.


Safety tips

They will help you safely and efficiently heat your home or business with wood without the risk of fire.

Wood Burning Stove Guys in Zwingle,IA offers comprehensive wood burning solutions, contact us today on 888-314-9998 and we will be glad to serve you.

Wood Burning Stove safety installation; all running wood stoves and furnaces need specific minimum distances or clearance between the bottom, top, sides, front and back of the stove and all combustible materials. Insufficient clearance could cause produce heat to penetrate the combustible materials I close proximity and can lead to fire. Installation clearance may be reduced from 36 inches by installing a heat shield along the combustible wall.

Chimney; the chimney for wood stove must be masonry or UL-listed and factory built. Unlined and single brick chimneys are never used for a wood stove as they are prone to deterioration which may allow potentially dangerous situations to develop. A Wood Burning Stove should not be connected to a flue which vents an oil burner because deadly unburned vapors from the oil burner could back up into the stove and the room where it is located.

Ventilation; venting the stove is the most important part of the wood burning system. The vent must be as short as possible with a maximum of two right angled elbows. Stove pipe clearance is extremely important and must never pass through an interior wall, floor or ceiling. Stovepipe should never be used for chimney because elements will rust.

Operations and maintenance; wood stoves require proper operations and regular maintenance. Use proper fuel particularly hardwoods such as maple, beech, ash, oak or hickory. The wood used should be seasoned properly. Wood stoves require regular cleaning using a wire bush to clean your stovepipe and chimney at least once a year and occasionally use controlled high temperature fires in the stove. Creosote buildup should be avoided as it a highly combustible fuel and it burns intensely.

Wood Burning Stove Guys in Zwingle,IA offers comprehensive wood burning solutions, contact us today on 888-314-9998 and we will be glad to serve you.

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